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Speedy Pizza Shop Front

One of the highlights of Alta de Lisboa has to be Speedy Pizza, Alta de Lisboa’s fist pizzeria and the only pizza I’ve ever tried from here. I never tried others as I was very happy with those from Speedy Pizza.

Now I am a bit fussy when it comes to pizza, I don’t like Telepizza (tastes way too cheap) and I don’t particularly like Pizza hut’s (too salty and greasy). When I discovered Speedy Pizza (not days after it opened) I was hooked. The pizzas are simply mouthwatering. The choice of pizzas is varied (though some some capers or anchovies would be a nice addition) and the time it takes to get your pizza is simply awe inspiring.

Here is one reason why the pizza is so good:

Wood oven

The Pizzas are hand made by Paulo and his staff  and are cooked in a wood  oven after diligently answering the phone, taking your order and telling you how long you’ll need to wait (normally 20 mins).


The pizza tends to arrive in less time than they say and you can pay cash or Multibanco. The topping is cooked to perfection and the base is always crispy without being burnt.

A little story behind the pizzas. Paulo, the owner and, as my son so charmingly calls him, the Pizza man, was born in Ribatejo. At the young age of five he moved abroad and ended up living in Milan for over thirty years.

He moved back to settle in Lumiar and invested in Alta de Lisboa from the very beginning. His take-away restaurant was the first Pizzeria in Alta.

So if you’re in need of a bite, can’t be bothered to cook or just fancy a delicious pizza….

Main Pizza Menu

Pizza Menu

And if you’re on you way to the park in the early or late afternoon, pass by the end of Rua José Cardoso Pires, drop in and say hello, everyone there is very friendly.

Around the end of December of 2007 SGAL very boldly set forth a stream of promises about how wonderful 2008 would be. Some of the promises can be seen on SGAL’s new website (which seems to be in a permanent state of not quite ready), however others have been removed.

I had a feeling at the time it would be worth copying the promises seeing as, like so many times before, promises are easy to make but difficult to keep.

Obviously many of the promises made were done so in “faith” that CML (Lisbon’s City hall) would also help in making things happen. However as has been reported on this blog and others, SGAL has a historcal problem with CML and making promises in light of this seemed foolhardy if not downright ridiculous.

I will include the original text (below) so those of you bold enough to read it all can see for yourselves what SGAL wrote.

In the meantime I’d like to look at some of the details of the promises and their development.


New developments for sale

The completion of LX condominio

Commercial Launch of Casas do Parque (Malha 6)

Commercial launch of a residential plot in Malha 5

As well as this important developments for  offices and commercial area in Malha 5, the area of malha 32 and 33 and the hotel and offices in malha 22.1  will take place through the establishment of partnerships.


Division of plots for 4 New projects (construction starts in 2009/2010)

Malha 16

Malha 17

Malha 23.2

Malha 18

They add that that CML is needed for this



Completion of the New Av. Santos e Castro (they do mention that this relies on CML)

Development of The Eixo Central (again saying CML is required)

Beginning of construction of The Porta Sul (awaiting CML’s decision)



This section again states that CML is a necessity for these to go ahead

The installations for the Centro Social da Musgueira

Fire-station next to the Escola Almada Negreiros

Pavilion and Swimming pools in sports centre

Rugby pitches in Parque Sul


Green Spaces 


Completion of Parque Oeste

Beginning of construction of Parque Sul

Completion of the Eixo Pedonal

Intensified lobbying with CML for cycle lanes



So what really happened in 2008?

There were no commercial launches of any product though malha 6 is being constructed we have no idea when they will launch the product.


0 / 10



As far as division of plots is concerned a little research is required though CML’s less than accessible new website. I have found some evidence of some plots though  at time of writing I still know too little to say much on this.


- / 10






The only point vaguely matching the promise is that work has indeed continued on Eixo Central albeit at a snail’s pace. Believe me, my house overlooks it and there are rarely more than half a dozen people working on the section from Av. Carlos Paredes to Av. Kruz Abecassis. I still remember when I moved here (2004) thinking that it was great that they had started work on the Eixo central. It looks very similar to this day.


2 / 10




As far as I can tell none of these have been either started or completed




Green Space


Parque Oeste appears to be far from completion even though new promises have emerged saying that it will be ready in June. I do hope it is not opened early (like the athletics complex) and incomplete for political reasons. It is important for the park to be completed before opening.


There is some construction where Parque Sul is planned to be, let’s see if that is what is being built.


The Eixo pedonal has been completed where is crosses the park which was finished over a year ago. It would seem that this should have been finished far earlier. The rest of it has not even started to be constructed.


I believe there has been some progress as far as cycle lanes are concerned as it was mentioned by visiting politicians recently.




So there we have it pretty poor performance.


In order not to end on a bad note SGAL did make some positive moves last year that redeem it slightly, pavements outside schools, pedestrian crossings and general pedestrian safety was improved. Needless to say that this should have been completed before the buildings were ready let alone inhabited (See post about New Lumiar).

6/10 (belated work score)

Relations with CML appear to have warmed and CML’s logo is emblazoned across all SGAL new publicity.


Another positive point was SGAL’s promise to work on completed projects where there have been problems (again, this should have been done before).


I just wish that instead of promises, we could see real action. Just last week the politicians were here saying that this and that would be completed by such and such a date. What does it do for the credibility of the project for these very same promises to be broken.


So, if you are listening SGAL and CML, congratulations for the developments (albeit slow), now please pull your finger out and pump up the pace.


Overall points for last year (in terms of keeping promises) — a very generous 4 /10


SGAL’s original Document

2008 – Um ano decisivo para a “ALTA DE LISBOA

2008 constituirá um ano decisivo para a
Alta de Lisboa, e marcará a abertura de um novo ciclo de todo o projecto, no qual a SGAL reafirmará a sua forte convicçao na singularidade e valia do projecto, reiterando o seu empenho na sua concretizaçao.

Estamos cientes que há muito mais e melhor a fazer. Há, desde logo, um enorme desafio de recriaçao da notoriedade do projecto, de reposicionamento pela positiva dos seus activos e pontos fortes, para que a imagem da Alta de Lisboa seja aquela que queremos. É também nossa firme intençao enriquecer e diversificar a opçao de cidade que estamos a desenvolver, impulsionando qualitativamente a vinda para o território de novos agentes com vocaçao comercial, social, educativa e outras.

Pretendemos igualmente conferir a SGAL maior eficácia e eficiencia de actuaçao, sobretudo no que ao produto final e a qualidade do serviço prestado diz respeito, desenvolvendo todos os esforços para ultrapassar constrangimentos e aspectos menos positivos que se verifiquem. Será naturalmente indispensável para a concretizaçao deste desígnio a colaboraçao permanente e expedita da Câmara Municipal de Lisboa (CML), parceiro essencial do projecto, para que a capacidade de execuçao que a SGAL pretende reincutir ao projecto possa ser precedida e acompanhada, em sintonia, pela capacidade de decisao e actuaçao da Câmara. Só com a articulaçao destes contributos será possível construir Cidade, como todos pretendemos.

2008 será o ano da finalizaçao da construçao do empreendimento Lx Condomínio, bem como do lançamento comercial do empreendimento “Casas do Parque”, situado na malha 6 do PUAL em frente ao Parque Oeste, que terá 494 fogos, e do lançamento comercial de mais um empreendimento de habitaçao na malha 5. Igualmente, os escritórios e a área comercial da malha 5, a área afecta as malhas 32 e 33 e os escritórios e hotel da malha 22.1 terao um desenvolvimento importante através do estabelecimento de parcerias estratégicas.

Quatro novos projectos de loteamento
Acompanharemos junto da Câmara Municipal de Lisboa, os seguintes projectos de loteamento cuja construçao se preve tenha início em 2009/2010:

Dos Arquitectos Joao de Almeida e Pedro Ferreira Pinto para a malha 16 do PUAL.

Do Arquitecto Carrilho da Graça para a malha 17.

Do Arquitecto Silva Dias para a malha 23.2.

Do Arquitecto Álvaro Siza Vieira para a malha 18.

Após a inauguraçao do Eixo Norte-Sul, que melhorou substancialmente a acessibilidade a
Alta de Lisboa, terao em 2008 um esforço acrescido da nossa parte para a sua concretizaçao, as seguintes grandes vias:

Finalizaçao da Nova Av. Eng.o Santos e Castro (que se encontra praticamente concluída, estando apenas dependente da disponibilizaçao de terrenos pela CML, que se julga poder ocorrer a curto prazo).

Desenvolvimento do Eixo Central ou Passeio de Lisboa, que será a via urbana estruturante mais importante do Projecto e que igualmente tem troços dependentes da disponibilizaçao de terrenos pela CML.

Inicio da construçao da Porta Sul ou Nó de Calvanas, junto a 2.a Circular, que apenas aguarda decisao da CML e que é uma das obras mais importantes do Projecto Alta de Lisboa. De grandes dimensoes, foi projectada para servir de alavanca a uma requalificaçao urbana da zona entre a 2.a Circular e o Campo Grande, bem como de ligaçao entre a Alta e a Baixa, possibilitando que se percorra a cidade da Baixa a Alta em poucos minutos.

Uma percentagem bastante elevada da área de intervençao do Projecto
Alta de Lisboa – 500.000 m2 – é destinada a implantaçao de equipamentos com o objectivo de garantir níveis elevados de qualidade urbana, ajustados as necessidades actuais da cidade.
Completando a oferta de cidade que queremos desenvolver, destacamos, entre outros, para 2008, o início da construçao, desde que asseguradas pela CML as condiçoes para que tal se concretize:

Das novas Instalaçoes do Centro Social da Musgueira, junto ao Condomínio da Torre e ao Bairro da Cruz Vermelha.

Do Quartel de Bombeiros junto a Escola Almada Negreiros.

Do Pavilhao e do Complexo de Piscinas no Complexo Desportivo.

Dos campos de rugby no Parque Sul.

Grandes espaços verdes e do espaço público
Sao uma marca diferenciadora da
Alta de Lisboa, correspondendo a cerca de 1/ 3 da sua área.
Em 2008, encontrando-se reunidas todas as condiçoes para o efeito, será:

Concluído o Parque Oeste.

Dado início a construçao do Parque Sul.

Finalizado o Eixo Pedonal.

Intensificada junto da CML a nossa acçao para a implementaçao rápida de ciclovias e da sinalética concebida pelo Prof. Daciano Costa.

Em 2008 continuaremos a assumir o nosso compromisso em gerar benefícios duradouros para as pessoas e instituiçoes da Alta de Lisboa, respeitando as tradiçoes, a cultura e os valores sociais.
Neste sentido iremos desenvolver acçoes que visem estreitar e aprofundar o relacionamento com os nossos Clientes e com todos os moradores da
Alta de Lisboa, melhorando a comunicaçao e tornando mais célere e eficaz o nosso atendimento, contribuindo activamente para a satisfaçao dos nossos Clientes.

Temos assumido e pretendemos reforçar o compromisso de concretizar um Projecto que contribua para a protecçao do ambiente em geral e do clima em particular, cooperando continuamente com Parceiros e Clientes informando-os dos nosso projectos, práticas e resultados na área ambiental, visando atingir graus elevados de certificaçao ambiental.

Com todos os moradores e instituiçoes da Alta de Lisboa queremos aprofundar em conjunto, num futuro próximo, questoes relacionadas com o Projecto, pelo que promoveremos iniciativas de comunicaçao e debate para o efeito.

Queremos uma Alta de Lisboa dinâmica, participada, envolvente, visível. Uma cidade consciente, com respeito pelo ambiente, sustentável e diferenciada, criando condiçoes para que a Alta de Lisboa tenha a notoriedade e visibilidade que merece. Reiteramos o nosso empenho em tudo fazer para em 2008 reforçar a Alta de Lisboa como um projecto urbanístico diferente e único, pela sua própria singularidade e diversidade inigualável de opçao de cidade, que pode proporcionar que se viva na Capital com qualidade, reforçando assim a credibilidade de um projecto com futuro”

After all the singing and shouting about what a great year 2008 would be for ALta de Lisboa I suppose we ought to have an End of year report.

Stay Tuned.

I was so happy to find out I could finally have broadband Internet without having to pay for TV. I don’t really watch very much TV and dislike the idea that we have to pay for it. So when I have to pay for it in order to get Internet (TV Cabo (or Zon) and Artelecom pay attention) I am doubly upset.

So when I saw fibre optics being laid down in my street I was curious. (Probably PT, I thought sadly).

Needless to say, you know the outcome, it turns out it was Clix or Sonae that was laying the fibre optics and they had packages that were not only cheaper than my package with Zon but more flexible. Oh and of course MUCH faster.

So not all went smoothly when I requested installment, it turned out the sales people had been a little too zealous in getting us to sign and promising connection in two weeks, it actually took closer to four. The installment also took two days and I beleive this could be as I was one of the first houses they were installing in and I had one of those typical sod’s law situations that there was a problem in Clix’s servers the day it was being installed. I have since heard from neighbours that it took them less than 6 hours.

So am I happy with the service?

Definitely. The telephone and Internet are always working (touch wood?) and the speed of the Internet is incredible.

A word of caution to anyone setting this up:

The wireless router that is offered in the package cannot operate at the speed of the connection so you will not see these speeds if you use it. (I suggest one of Apple’s airports as they should meet the required speed)

I have whined, I have cried (well almost), I have been to hell and back trying to get a half decent Internet TV Telephone Package installed.

Why? Because Part of Alta de Lisboa has forever been plugged into one of Portugal Telecom’s remote exchanges in a weak attempt to keep us from using the competition.

The competition has tried to fight back in the form of ARTelecom (which was pretty shoddy for me as it didn’t work most of the time) and Netcabo and various mobile operators. They are all too expensive or not reliable enough.

Now we are promised something new…



I could not believe it when a couple of weeks ago I asked some workers what they were doing and they said they were installing Fibre Optics…..

Well folks it’s here (or will be in about two weeks

It’s a shame the clix website still doesn’t work (though it will surely work one day so you can check it out here: Clix Fibra )
I have signed up and am ready for download speeds something like this:



Alta looks once more (in more ways than one – but more on that later) to be pioneering. There are three areas in Portugal with this service at the outset (or so the salesman told me … do we believe telecommunications salespeople???)… Somewhere in Porto, Expo and Alta :-)

Free films in Parque das Conchas :-)

Porta Sul

Did you know…

…that the Porta Sul, which is essential for the flow of traffic of 2ª Circular, Av. Santo e Castro and the Eixo Central, and which will connect Alta de Lisboa to the rest of the city, was first studied in 1998 and had its project finalized and  approved in 2005?

But do you know that the project  was not only stopped in its tracks, but the Lisbon City council (CML) announced in January 2008 that want to study and develop another solution.

Are you ready to wait another six years for studies and projects while there are already various valid proposals that have been approved?

Stand up and be heard… Write an email of protest  to the President of CML, Dr. Antonio Costa (


Part of Todos Pela Alta campaign (see Viver’s post and comments for example email) 




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